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El Chain Records is an independent record label/production company based out of Allentown, PA. Founded by CEO
Rick Chainy in 2001 previously doing music within the city under various other aliases since the age of 15.

The Tombstones founded in 1985 by frontman and guitarist Stevie T, the band went electric and the Tombstones performed its unique brand of swampabilly rock all over the southeast and east Texas up until the early 90's. While cutting their teeth in the hillbilly/underground and punk scene, the Tombstones played with everybody from likes of Circle Jerks,Fetchin Bones,to Black Oak Arkansas. 


San Diego based rock band with new mod sound check them out at


Los Angeles based Signal Hill Transmission was formed in 2001 by singer/guitarist Scott Warren and drummer Scott Schoen in the basement of Warren’s Hermosa Beach apartment. The band was originally conceived as a lo-fi alt-country pop outfit, with Schoen adding a backbeat and the occasional background vocal to Warren’s acoustic-based material. Before long, they began playing the local club circuit and in 2001 traveled to Warren’s hometown of St. Louis, MO to record their first release, “Home.”